Wildlife Conservation Division

Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD) is one of the six functional divisions under the Department of Forest and Park Services. The Division, previously known as Nature Conservation Division (NCD) was established in 1992 to plan and implement conservation programs in the country. The office is located in the Tashichodzong office complex in Thimphu,  the capital city of Bhutan.
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News & Events

Update. Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail Research and Survey.

Posted on 16th August, 2011

The First Ever Evidence of Bhutanitis.ludlowi in copula.

Picture: A pair of Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail in copula. Photography by Sonam Wangdi, Wildlife Conservation Division.

The ongoing research and survey team of the Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail in Tobrang Trashiyangtse, has recorded the First Ever Evidence of a mating pair of Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail. Read More »

Research and survey on Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail in Tobrang, Trashiyangtse

Posted on 14th August, 2011

A Male Ludlow's Bhutan Swallowtail feeds on the flower of Viburnum.cylindricum

Picture: A male Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail feeds on the flower of Virburnum. cylindricum. Photo by: Sonam Wangdi, Wildlife Conservation Division.

The research team from the Butterfly Society of Japan and the filming team from NHK, Japan is currently collaborating with the national counterpart researchers from Wildlife Conservation Division, UWICE and Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary to jointly conduct a study on the ecological and the evolutionary aspect of Ludlow’s Bhutan Swallowtail (Bhutanitis.ludlowi), a very rare  butterfly endemic to Tobrang, which is located at an altitude of 2290masl in Trashiyangtse. Read More »

Problem Bear troubling Tshampas in Upper Tango and Zongkha

Posted on 5th August, 2011

On 30 July 2011, the Chief Forest Officer of the Wildlife Conservation Division, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, visited the upper parts of Tango and Zongkha to inspect the ongoing operation to translocate a Himalyan Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) which is suspected to have damaged few houses of Tshampas living in Zongkha.

Bear Problem in upper Tangu and Zongkha, Thimphu Dzongkhag

Posted on 4th August, 2011